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Fast Relief Information No Longer Applies

Fast Relief has been replaced by Ease Cream and Capsules.

Fast Relief With New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel

Fast Relief – Green Lipped Mussel

This site does not promote any type of pain relief or fast relief product at the present time. Do a search for ETArol for more information about products that contain this extract from the New Zealand Green Lipped Muscle. I do plan to release the name of the product that I use at some point in the future. I use the cream and my wife uses the capsules for her headaches. I am not making any medical claims, I’m just telling you what we use our products for. I cannot take the capsules due to a shellfish allergy.

What do we want when we have minor aches and pains flare up? We want fast relief from the pain. We also look for long-lasting products that keep on working for a prolonged period of time. If there was truly a product that would deliver fast relief from pain most people I know would want it. There is now a product on the mark that offers this fast relief for pain. The kind of pain I am talking about is pain from arthritis in the hands, wrist, elbow, knee, neck and other places. The product also works on lower back pain to some degree. I have ruptured disks in my back and neck and a condition called degenerative disk disease that just gets worse over time. No real cure for it. I use a product that says it offers fast relief and it does help me some. More on this in the future.


Other Fast Relief Pain Related Products

Besides having a cream there are capsules that can be taken for long-term use that work from the inside out. I wish I could take these capsules but tried and found that I do have some of an allergic reaction to the shellfish ingredient that is in the product. My wife is presently taking the product and finds it helps her with her knee problems.

The newest product that is out has nerve health support. Reading some information on the internet I found a protein that naturally occurs in the body. It happens through the NGF gene in our body. Everybody has this gene in their body which means everyone is capable of healing damaged nerves if given the right vitamins, minerals and supplements. I have a new website that will be up and running soon that will go into more explanation on the NGF gene in our body. This new website is and will go into great detail about nerve health support.

Disclosure Notice about How I Get Fast Relief From Pain

My wife and I both do use products for fast relief from pain on a regular basis. My wife takes capsules on a daily basis. She uses a cream when needed for fast relief of her pain. She has a calcium buildup in her ankle area which has a nerve running in the same area. She rubs the cream on that area when it starts hurting and she does get relief from the pain. She takes the capsules on a daily basis and feels it works for her to relieve the aches and pains from back pain to her foot pain. It is for total body pain. One of the main ingredients is from the shellfish “New Zealand Green Lipped Muscle”. I have a shellfish allergy and have tried taking the capsules but I have a reaction to them. So if you are allergic to shellfish you probably should not take the capsules. I do use the cream on my back and neck and have not had an allergic reaction to it. I have days when my back hurts so bad that I am covered with the cream. I also use it on my right wrist because of pain from an old broken bone. Sometimes when typing on the keyboard doing my websites the wrist pain starts acting up. I rub a generous amount of the cream on my wrist let it dry and then do a second application. This helps relieve some of the pain.

Do I Really Get Fast Relief From Pain

I’m being straight up with all of you reading this. I have had years of back pain but have avoided operations. I’m a prime candidate for two double fusions, one in my neck and one in my lower back. I have degenerative . My dad had a double fusion in his lower back in 1952. He got to the point that he could not walk due to the pain. The operation helped but in his 50′s he would be laid up for weeks when his back acted up. He passed away in 2000 at 76. The last 15 years of his life the recliner was his favorite place to be. I have the same condition and both of my sons have it. I do like my recliner. I’m sitting here doing this  in my recliner which gives pain relief for my lower back. Yes I use the cream and yes it does work but my case is severe. If I can get some relief just using the cream then most of you reading this should be able to get relief from your pain using these products.

A link to the website will be added to this site at some time in the future or at the relief from pain site. For now I’m using the product and hope to have a real life experience with all these products. The cream works better than any other pain cream on the market for me and my wife. The new nerve health support product is the one I have just started using as of 5/1/2013. I hope you find your fast relief for pain.

Products that contain an extract which is harvested from the New Zealand Green Lipped Muscles is now available and on the market. More information will be added to this website to introduce you to these products. There are several companies that have similar products but people say that some are not as good as others. I have only tried one so I cannot talk about the others at this time. I plan to do some testing because I have degenerative disk disease and suffer from back and neck pain all the time. If it works for me it should work for other people. I will be updating this site in the future.

These muscles are special to the New Zealand area. You can do your own research on the internet to find this information.


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NOTICE: Plexus Fast Relief is no longer available.